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andrew squire

Andrew's paintings are deceptively simple and draw on his own environmental beliefs. They reflect the artist's personal experiences and memories gained whilst travelling and exhibiting throughout the world - with residencies in Iceland, Canada and Nepal to name but a few. These experiences have fed into his development of a wide ranging painterly language that reflects the complexity of human perceptions. Drawing variously on the elemental space and light of Western Scotland, as well as the inner landscape of the subconscious, a current theme of Andrew's work has been an artisitic enquiry into the boundaries of the tangible world and that which lies beyond. He uses a visual language of isolated iconic imagery, neatly positioned within brightly painted abstracted backgrounds that hint at the subject's origin. His enigmatic icons of birds, beasts and human myth become thoughtful and disarming reflections on what links us and separates us as a species, undepinned by a deeply felt environmental concern.