Jon Schueler Centenary at Resipole Studios

In August 2016 Resipole Studios & Fine Art Gallery is hosting a collection of multi-media artworks by the late, abstract expressionist, Jon Schueler (1916-1992). Sea to Sky is one of a group of exhibitions, both in the US and in the UK to mark the centennial of Jon Schueler’s birth. Sea to Sky presents a collection of 38 works that are central to his time spent on the West Coast of Scotland, where he frequented throughout his career. For Jon Schueler the sky was his main inspiration and in 1970 he moved, for five years from New York to a studio in Mallaig, where he could surrender himself to the tempestuous elements of the Scottish coastline and where (many critics believe) he refined his artistic focus.

“When I speak of nature , I’m speaking of the sky………..And when I think of the sky, I think of the Scottish sky over Mallaig. Time was there and motion was there. Lands forming, seas disappearing, words fragmenting, colours giving birth to burning shapes. “ Jon Scheuler – It Is Magazine 1960

Resipole Studios & Fine Art Gallery, the award winning arts venue provides the perfect backdrop to Schueler’s works of art, which is enveloped by the very landscape that inspired the American artist. The exhibition will run for six weeks (6 August – 18 September 2016) and will feature a number of events celebrating Jon Schueler’s centennial.  

About Jon Schueler
Jon Schueler, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1916 was an acclaimed member of the New York School, After receiving a BA and MA from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, he joined the US Army Air Force in the fall of 1941, and, as a navigator of B-17s stationed in Britain, he flew missions over France and Germany.  It was at this point he discovered his irrefutable respect for the elements and sky. Following World War II he attended the California School of Fine Arts from 1948-51 where he was part of the vibrant group centered around Clyfford Still, Richard Diebenkorn, Hassel Smith and David Park. With the help and encouragement of Clyfford Still, Schueler moved to New York in 1951. After solo exhibitions at the Stable Gallery (1954) and with Leo Castelli (1957), he spent six months in the North West of Scotland where his work, initially informed by Abstract Expressionism, became imbued with the force of the weather and the changing skies.

New York became his base between 1959 and his death in 1992. These years, however, were punctuated by many visits to Mallaig, Scotland where he acquired a studio overlooking the Sound of Sleat in 1970.  The weather and light of this area became a touchstone for his preoccupation with the power of nature—whether expressed tumultuously or in subtle and hidden forms.  Numerous exhibitions in both the US and the UK took place during this period, including a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the group show Landscapes, Interior and Exterior: Avery, Rothko and Schueler at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Jon Schueler: The Search at the University of Edinburgh's Talbot Rice Art Gallery.