gill tyson

silent stars
stone lithograph
15 x 21 cm
lithograph, screenprint and monoprint
49 x 55 cm
village hall, salen
lithograph & screenprint
40 x 39 cm
the light at crinan
screen print
25 x 25 cm
62 x 26 cm
salt stars
50 x 65 cm


Gill Tyson studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University, receiving an MA (Hons) in Fine Art in 1979. She moved to the Morvern peninsula two years ago to a house located between a river and the sea. She was struck by the important role of the night skies: all those stars, and the brightness of a full moon on the water. Landing in this new, remote location allowed Gill to create work more intimately linked with one place. Experimenting with saltwater painting she began to see the possibilities of using salt for lithographic washes. Where the particles of salt fall they absorb the tusche to create random patterns of stars, and the saltwater brine makes a distinctive wash. In order to make the washes specific to the place she evaporated seawater from the bay to make the particles of salt. 

Public collections include; Aberdeen Art Gallery, Art in Healthcare, Ritchie Collection, University of Dundee, Fife Council, Readers Digest NY, Smithsonian Institution, Mobil Oil, Royal Bank of Scotland, Melon Financial Corporation, George Watson’s College, The Parliamentary Art Collection-House of Lords, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.

Gill has served as Chairman of Edinburgh Printmakers from 1982-86 and as Vice-Chairman from 2000-09. She was a member the City of Edinburgh Visual Arts Awards Panel from 2010 – 2012.