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chris barnes

Chris Barnes studied Sculpture at Goldsmiths College and St. Martin’s School of Art, London. In 1989 he rented a workshop space with a potter and the early 1990s was a fruitful time for the development of making skills and understanding firing and glaze technology. Using a gas fired kiln enabled him to explore exciting glaze effects and many of his distinctive stoneware glazes were developed at this time. In 1994 Chris helped set up the Chocolate Factory artists’ studios in Stoke Newington, Hackney…moving into his first studio in 1995. Several years of pottery making and teaching followed and his work found its way into galleries across the UK and in Munich. In 2006 Chris moved to Rhemore in Morvern, Argyll and set up a pottery housing a large gas fired kiln that he built for himself. Then in 2010 Chris moved to Cumbria to set up a pottery near Ainstable in the Eden Valley. “My work reflects a love of clay as a material and an exploration of the magical transformation of firing. The reason that I make pots as well as sculpture is because function gives my work a simple meaning which lets people get closer. It is in the interaction between the user and the pots that the art takes place.”