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ben averis

Ben Averis is an artist and naturalist living in Scotland. Since graduating in Fine Art (Painting) from Bath Academy of Art in 1980 he has worked as a botanist and as an artist. ‘I like the way objects and environments exist innocently without the concepts of status, cleverness, right, wrong and so on that can enhance but also over-complicate our human lives.’ Many of his drawings are of trees, especially in winter woodland settings with their atmosphere of still, innocent quietness.

There are links between his art and botany, not just through shared subject matter but also through parallels in their processes of exploration, finding patterns and relationships, and developing ideas and understandings. Landscape drawing and painting might not be as fashionable as some other forms of art these days but Ben believes it still has an important place in society and always will have, for various reasons, including the ongoing changes to our landscapes, the variation in human attitudes toward nature and the ever developing range of approaches to landscape artwork by different artists.

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