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beth r fiddes

Beth spent her early childhood on Tiree and, after a spell in Kansas, later moved to Kingussie in the Highlands. Beth studied at ECA, graduating with a degree in sculpture in 1995 and since then has continued to draw and paint.  A main part Beth’s process is to travel around the West Highands and Islands of Scotland to collect source material and sketches which are then worked up into larger pieces in her studio. In recent years Beth has spent time on St Kilda and explored the south coast of Iceland.

“My work has sometimes been described as having an otherworldly quality to it and, in a sense, this is partly my objective. I refer often to memories of my early childhood at Hynish on Tiree, playing and exploring the shoreline there, trying to attach meaning and a story to everything I found or saw.”

Beth is currently working on pieces based on the north west coast of Scotland around her home near Ullapool. 

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