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anna raven
dorlin series I
mixed media
21 x 29 cm
32 x 37.5 cm (framed)
About the artist:

Anna has lived in the Highlands full time since 2004 but has been visiting Morvern all her life and her family have had an involvement there since 1930. The Highland landscape and Morvern, in particular, has been the subject of much of her work. Anna is interested in the relationship between our exterior environment and an internal landscape of the self; a synthesis of the experience of the land in which we live with the inner landscape. Having finally achieved the ambition of living on the West Coast of Scotland she has now embarked on a process of submission… ‘wanting the place to work on me so that I can find a voice to represent what it has to say. Living in it, marvelling at its beauty, gives us a chance to think about what we are doing to our planet and how we can make choices about how we live in the world. If we let go of the sense of domination and allow a wise passiveness, the affect is almost a spiritual one.’ Anna has worked in Watercolour, Oil, and Print, as well as Ceramics and Garden Design.

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