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07 September to 31 October

Emergence, in our red gallery, is an exciting and diverse group show of works by young Scottish artists Rebecca Holloway, Heather McNab, Camassia Bruce and Imogen Alabaster, each of whom is based on the East coast of Scotland. This collection of work celebrates and explores connections to both the self and to the landscape and environment, and provides a fresh new perspective on contemporary Scottish art. 

Imogen Alabaster lives in Edinburgh and has a studio in Dalry. Inspired by seascapes, spacescapes, colour combinations and patterns found in nature, Imogen creates dreamlike paintings built up of distorted layers of colours and imagery. Her resulting work juxtaposes the figurative with more abstract responses to the dramatic landscapes of Scotland, serving as a quiet rebellion towards the tutors at art college who tried to discourage her from portraiture. 

Heather McNab is a recent graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone art college in Dundee. The pieces on display in this exhibition serve as a personal response to the landscape of the Highlands, in particular to the many munros which she has climbed, conveying the sense of stillness, serenity and wonderment that she herself has experienced. Her technique is unusual: combining resin manipulated with a blow torch, stencil work and hand painting. These large scale piece also explore the relationship between erosion and time. 

Camassia Bruce is another recent graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone, who resides in rural North-East Fife. The Highlands serve as a catalyst for her work and she is particularly influenced by elements of cartography. Her work is produce on the reverse of 1956 Ordinancy Survey maps, chosen for both the quality of paper and for the workability in her chosen media. Traces of the original maps can be detected through the new works, uniting the past with the present: the newly imagined with the set-in-stone. 

Rebecca Holloway is a recent graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art. Her current work explores boundaries and definition, using the meeting of land and sea as a starting point. In particular, she is interested in the instability of coastlines, as well as what defines them. Her works, all oils, are completed on irregular shaped canvases, perhaps mirroring the non-uniform environments which she interprets. 


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