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breathing spaces
jane rushton | breathing spaces
10 March to 05 April

Jane Rushton | Breathing Spaces

The work on show in Breathing Spaces is drawn from a variety of northern environments from Britain, Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard, and reflects on a personal relationship with landscape, and the natural processes that make our world.

Integral to the way I work is walking through and becoming immersed in landscape with the aim of becoming part of it. I don’t just want to be an observer of nature, but to recognize and explore my place within it through all of the senses. The smell of the earth, salt on the wind, or the call of a Northern Diver is as important to the making of the work as the sight before my eyes.

I am attracted to edges and boundaries where relationships occur - where lichens create a rich palimpsest on rocks, plant communities vie for position, cloud, sea and land merge imperceptibly, and where ice margins shift on both the short and the long term.

Whether working with paint on canvas or mixed media on paper I am looking to connect with the timelessness of the experience by bringing these subtle details and relationships to light, and offering them as sites of meditation, reverie and resonance.

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