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john hodgson
wych elm from morvern
original woodturning 1752
22 x 14 cm
About the artist:

John Hodgson is a woodturner based in Fuinary, near Lochaline. Wood has long been a passion for him.

"I developed a good working relationship with wood at a very early age, carving little boats from bits of wood with my father’s tools. Hopeless with the three R’s at school, I excelled in art, woodwork and metalwork. This naturally led me to developing a lifetime career in the fascinating world of wooden boatbuilding, perfectly suited to my creative and artistic leaning. Although I enjoy painting, I achieve maximum fulfilment from working in three dimensional form.

As a self-taught wood turner, I have always worked with nature and content of the woodland to create my pieces. Although having the appearance of functional items, the shapes, colour and textures that evolve spontaneously during creation, transcend the functionality. My aim is to encourage the beholder to discover something quite different to anything they have seen before and through the sense of touch, experience the unexpected."

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