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kyle noble

Noble is a multi-media artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a Masters in Fine Art in 2013. His practice has a strong drawn element mixing automatic drawing, Chinese landscape aesthetics and layers of varnish. His recent works are a direct response to time spent artist in residence on the Rahoy Hills Nature reserve in Morvern, juxtaposed with four months living in the sprawling ’rising concrete metropolis’ of the Chong Qing region in China. His works offer an alternative meditation on the Scottish landscape, influenced by the ancient landscape of Aberdeenshire, a passion for rewilding the Scottish wilderness and the Chinese Landscape Painting traditions he saw whilst living in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In his paintings, Noble experiments with medium and mark making in an effort to describe the strong impressions his experiences have made upon him: endless archaic forests, hallucinatory visions of starlit skies untainted by light pollution, pine studded knolls, recumbent stone circles, supernatural shamanism and views of distant mountains.

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