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at the edge
at the edge | a seascape exhibition
18 May to 30 June

‘At the Edge’ showcases new work by three regular exhibitors at Resipole, –Jonathan Shearer, Jim Wright and Alan Hayman – and introduces Ruth Brownlee and Beth Robertson Fiddes to the gallery. Ruth is a multi-award winning landscape painter based in Shetland. Since gaining a degree at the Edinburgh College of Art, Brownlee has become one of Scotland’s foremost contemporary landscape painters, exhibiting across the UK and receiving a long list of grants and awards. Shetland’s skies and seas are a constant inspiration for her work. She explains ‘My paintings are based on my experiences of living in the Shetland environment and are concerned with capturing the atmosphere, the play of light on the sea and coastal landscape, through mixed-media’. Beth is an outstanding painter, who uses a range of techniques to ahcieve her almost dreamilke impression of the West Highlands, in her own words 'My work has sometimes been described as having an otherworldly quality to it and, in a sense, this is partly my objective. I refer often to memories of my early childhood at Hynish on Tiree, playing and exploring the shoreline there, trying to attach meaning and a story to everything I found or saw.'

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