prinaka - a day sketching in dhaka
prinaka - a day sketching in dhaka
Rob Fairley
97 pages
Published: Jun 2019
ISBN: 0956940230

For twenty-seven years, Scottish artist Rob Fairley has harboured a story – one that had come to have a profound effect on both his personal and artistic life. In 1992, during a stopover in Dhaka, en route from Nepal to the UK, he found himself lost and disorientated, unable to find his way. A chance encounter with a young girl, who would become his guide and guardian, led him on an unforgettable adventure amidst the bustling streets of Dhaka; documented at the time by Fairley, through a series of paintings in his sketchbook. Images from the sketchbook were first shared via Facebook back in 2017, along with Fairley’s description of the day and the events which accompanied each painting. The response to the story on social media was overwhelming and so the seeds of publishing the work in print were sewn. Two years on and the idea has finally been realised.